Smartdown Integration

Smartdown is like Cheese!
You can put stuff in it, and you can put it in stuff.
Dan Keith, December 2018

This page provides more examples of how Smartdown may be integrated with other publication systems and expressive technology.

Smartdown and impress.js

impress.js is a Javascript library that enables the presentation of web content as a series of slides in a visually compelling way (similar to Prezi). I've integrated it with Smartdown in a useful way in the smartdown/impress project, which enables Smartdown documents to be rendered as slides via impress.js.

Smartdown via Glitch

Glitch is a wonderful and convenient service that enables web projects to be authored, shared, and even remixed.

We've prepared a few Smartdown-enabled Glitch projects that can be easily copied and customized so that you can build your own Smartdown creation.

Smartdown via Solid

The Solid Project provides an open standard platform for building decentralized apps.

We've created several different ways to author, publish, and interact with Smartdown documents on the Solid platform.

Smartdown via Gists

This tutorial was written in Smartdown, and describes how to use GitHub Gists to build a Smartdown project.

Smartdown Poster

This VueJS-based example demonstrates the placement of Smartdown documents in a tableau/grid layout, suitable for infographics and SmartPosters.

Smartdown via

This tutorial was written in Smartdown, and describes how to use GitHub Gists to build a Smartdown project that is viewable via

InfoClay (aka KnowBench)

InfoClay is an experiment in modular Markdown editing. The basic idea is that a Markdown document can be edited and Markdown can be learned a little bit at a time and that the editing environment supports the visualization of the document's structure, modular editing of structural Markdown elements (e.g., a list or an equation), and the ability to use drag-and-drop to manipulate these elements on the page.

InfoClay was where Smartdown was originally invented before it was extracted into its own library.