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Less Syntax, More 'Splainin'

Use Smartdown technology to more easily create scientific, technical, mathematical and artistic articles that are expressive, interactive, and rich with diverse content types.

Turns this …

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…Into this

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Smartdown Viewer and Gallery

Demonstrations, Possibilities, Examples

The Smartdown Viewer Site is an example application that can view Smartdown documents as well as showing their raw Smartdown text. The Viewer provides a rich set of example from the Smartdown Examples Gallery.

It is very basic and based on AngularJS and CodeMirror, but it provides a useful way to view the Smartdown source side-by-side with its rendering. The source code may provide inspiration for other Smartdown integrations.

Smartdown Core Library

For Developers and Integrators

smartdown - A Javascript library for translating, rendering, and interacting with Smartdown documents.

The core of any Smartdown integration includes the Smartdown Javascript library and associated resources.

Smartdown Integrations

Smartdown is like Cheese! You can put stuff in it, and you can put it in stuff.
- Dan Keith, December 2018

For examples how Smartdown may be embedded into other systems, and how other systems can be embedded in Smartdown, consider the following: